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Photo Stooge
Gets the job done on youriPhone
Photo Stooge - The fastest Photo Tool. Crop + Scale + Export and done! You need a quick editing job? Just crop and scale it to size for posting somewhere? Just need to send a small cutout of your Image? Photo Stooge gets the job done! Very fast and very simple.
Photo Stooge is available for iPhone & iPod touch. You can get it on the App Store here.

Main Features:
  • Crop your Image ( + Presets for your Convenience)
  • Scale your Image ( + Presets for your Convenience)
  • Export your Image (Save it, Mail it, Twitter it, ...)

Additional Features (which don't get in the way):
  • Simple image editing with Saturation, Brightness and Contrast
  • Gallery of all your images for convinient re-use